Episode 50: 50th Episode Anniversary! Our Top 10’s of ALL TIME!

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We made it to 50 whole episodes! In celebration we got a whole bunch of of congrats from a gaggle of our media friends and our only listener! We’re so thankful for the support of the community and the friends we’ve made during our tenure. As the main feature of the episode, Craig, Will, Erin, and Tyler each go through their Top 10 games of all time lists and have a lot of fun in the process. We hope you enjoy as we begin our path to episode 100!

Show Times:

PNCN Bumper: 0:00

Aaron–Boards Alive Congrats: 0:25

Patrick Hillier Congrats: 1:38

Intro Banter: 2:12

Heavy Cardboard Congrats: 10:45

Steve, Our Only Listener Congrats: 11:12

Docking Bay 94 Congrats: 11:22

Family What We’ve Played: 11:40

Happy Salmon (Northstar): 13:30

Spaceteam: 15:35

Timeline (Asmodee): 20:00

Codenames (CGE): 20:00

Takenoko (Matagot): 22:55

Seven7s (Eagle Gryphon Games): 23:35

Zombie Dice (SJGames): 24:08

Brandon–WDYPTW Congrats: 27:23

Cloak and Meeple Congrats: 27:50

Matt–PoNG Congrats: 28:15

TOP 10s!: 28:38

Craig’s #10: Betrayal at the House on the Hill (Avalon Hill): 31:00

Erin #10: Bring Out Yer Dead (Upper Deck): 32:55

Tyler #10: Chupacabra Dice (SJG): 34:23

Will #10: Coup (Indie Boards and Cards): 35:40

Craig #9: Axis & Allies (Avalon Hill): 37:08

Erin #9: Tokaido (FunForge): 38:28

Tyler #9: Grizzled (CMoN): 40:15

Will #9: Stone Age (Rio Grande): 41:00

Craig #8: Arboretum (Z-Man): 42:20

Erin #8: Splendor (Days of Wonder): 43:28

Tyler #8: Camel Up: 43:40

Will #8: Cosmic Encounter (FFG): 45:45

Craig #7: Imperial Settlers (Portal): 46:16

Erin #7: Lanterns (Foxtrot): 47:00

Tyler #7: Valeria Card Kingdoms (Daily Magic): 47:30

Will #7 Seven7s (Eagle Gryphon): 48:22

Craig #6 Cosmic Encounter (FFG): 49:40

Erin #6: Patchwork (Mayfair): 51:45

Tyler #6: Scoville (TMG): 52:58

Will #6: Lanterns (Foxtrot): 55:03

Craig #5: Arcadia Quest (CMoN): 56:05

Erin #5: Takenoko (Matagot): 57:40

Tyler #5: Dead of Winter (Plaid Hat): 1:00:05

Will #5: X-Wing (FFG): 1:00:45

Craig #4: Agricola (Z-Man): 1:00:51

Erin #4: Viticulture (Stonemaier): 1:02:00

Tyler #4: Mission Red Planet (FFG): 1:02:55

Will #4: Above and Below (Red Raven): 1:03:35

Craig #3: Pandemic Legacy (Z-Man): 1:04:58

Erin #3: Bohnanza (Rio Grande): 1:05:06

Tyler #3: Summoner Wars (Plaid Hat): 1:06:04

Will #3: City of Iron (Red Raven): 1:07:00

Craig #2: X-wing (FFG): 1:08:25

Erin #2: Ticket to Ride (Days of Wonder): 1:09:50

Tyler #2: Red Dragon Inn (Slugfest): 1:11:09

Will #2: Mottainai (Asmadi): 1:12:35

Craig #1: Mottainai (Asmadi): 1:12:53

Erin #1: 7Wonders (Repos): 1:15:00

Tyler #1: Pandemic Legacy (Z-Man) /Risk Legacy (Hasbro): 1:16:28

Will #1: Blood Rage (CMoN): 1:19:45

Craig’s Wrap-up and Thanks: 1:22:19


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