Botched Designs Episode 1: Intros

You can listen to our latest episode by clicking here, or by listening on iTunes or Stitcher. Also, please, please give us some ratings on iTunes and Stitcher and throw us some hearts on Board Game Links, like our Facebook page, and become a fan on Board Game Geek. Also, join us in our  Board Game Geek Guild #2197 to engage in some discussions.

Welcome to the first episode of one of two new side projects, Botched Designs, where Craig, Cliff, and B talk about their attempt at making their amateur designs into an actual product. In the first episode, they each give a brief introduction of who they are, how long they have been designing games, and talk about some of their design ideas, and loved mechanic/theme combinations from already published games. Finally they play a little game of “Make that Game,” creating a game from a random theme and mechanic.

We hope you enjoy our little sister show and look for it once a month (or longer).


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