Botch Games Podcast Episode 3: Expansions, Expansions, Expansions

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Episode 3 of the Botch Games podcast where Dave and Craig talk in depth about Board Game expansions. Are they necessary? Are they expected? Listen to our take on why they exist and must exist. We also talk about Red 7, 7 Wonders: Babel, Robotech Tactics, Steampunk Rally, and the upcoming 2015 NOVA Charity Auction and our planned donation. We also unpack the 2014 AEG Black Box!

Show Times:

Red7: 3:00

7 Wonders: Babel: 8:00

Robotech Tactics: 14:00

GM run Games: 17:00

(Super Dungeon Explorer, Mansion of Madness)

Steampunk Rally: 20:00

NOVA Charity 2015: 25:30

In Depth: Board Game Expansions: 29:30

AEG Black Box: 1:04:30


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